Delivering solutions that meet the needs of our client as well as their end customer - often members of the community - means our teams always need to consider projects from many angles. 

Regional Manager for our NSW social housing contract, Nic Agostino recently oversaw a kitchen modification for a resident following an occupational therapist's review of usability.

"The occupational therapist recommended raising the kitchen benches as the residents are aging and have osteoporosis," Nic explains. "Having to bend over further to prepare meals and use the kitchen isn't great for their health." 

After reviewing the site, Site Supervisor Nick Whatson, and lead subcontractor Nathan You recommended it would be more efficient to reposition benches and cabinets to allow for improved ease of use for the tenants. 

"When you raise benches, you need to then look at the height of the cupboards, ensuring the required clearance from the floor. This change also required additional splash back tiles and painting works," Nic explains. 


Nic also notes the oven was due to be replaced and the team recommended opening up the space around the fridge for easier access. 

Nic and his team are focused on doing a great job, but he says it's also nice to get compliments from tenants when they've gone above and beyond on a job like this. 

The tenant, George, sent the team a letter thanking them for their initial efforts in scoping the job and then, when the work was completed early this month, followed up with feedback via our Contact Centre. Nic says getting this feedback was a lovely surprise. 

In his feedback, George said Nick and Nathan You were "punctual, well-mannered and allowed us the opportunity to explain the state of the kitchen."

I was particularly impressed with the professional and courteous attitude of both gentlemen.

Following completion of the work, George again praised the team for their efficiency, quality of work and timeliness. 

He also thanked Land and Housing and Family & Community Services for their support in getting the work done. 

Nic says he's really pleased George and his wife were happy with our service. 

"We take great pride in ensuring we deliver a great outcome to our client's tenants," Nic says.

Receiving this feedback is the greatest form of compliment and I'm proud of Nick and Nathan for the great work they do.