Nick has participated in many photo shoots which sometimes means he has to be both behind and in front of the camera

As kids, most of us go through various interests and career aspirations. What you think you want to be when you’re five years old is rarely what you end up doing as an adult.  

Case in point – Business Graduate Nick Walker. 

“My best friend and I wanted to be snake-wrangling vets, even though I didn’t have any particular fascination for snakes,” Nick says. “After doing a one-week work experience program with a vet in high school, I quickly discovered that was not the career path for me.” 

Nick also considered joining the Navy but decided against that too. 


The Intersection of History and Business Strategy

Whilst at university, Nick decided to study international business and modern history, building on a childhood love of history combined with the practical business element. What he discovered at Macquarie University during his studies was how much an understanding of history helps understand business strategy. 

“When I studied business strategy across a few units, it was really interesting to learn how it has evolved over time, and I found that studying the evolution of business strategy aligned to my history studies,” he says. 

Given Nick’s diverse array of interests growing up - did we mention he’s a massive women’s basketball fan and has an amazing memory for sports statistics – it’s not surprising that the diversity of opportunities at Ventia was one thing that appealed to him when he applied for our graduate program.

I loved the idea of getting to work in and around multiple sectors and business units, and of getting both office-based and in field experience

Another drawcard was our work with Defence. “Having considered a naval career, I was drawn to Ventia’s long history supporting Defence.”


From Marketing to Social Sustainability

So far, Nick has had the opportunity to support the Brand and Marketing team, the Social Sustainability team and is now working on a contract in the Telco sector. 

Nick with his Social Sustainability Team

“I never really saw myself working in either marketing or the diversity and inclusion space, but being exposed to them has really helped me develop skills and knowledge about the wider business,” Nick explains. “I can also take those learnings into wherever I end up in the future as they are so applicable to any role and sector.” 

One of the initiatives he’s most proud of having worked on so far is the launch of Ventia’s latest Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

Seeing our RAP come to life and the passion and energy that so many people across Ventia put into achieving the best outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities is inspiring

Navigating a graduate program selection

Nick has a few tips for other graduates looking for a program to set them on the path to success. 

“Read up on the graduate program, what it’s about and what it encompasses, as that will help you get the most out of it,” he says is his first tip. “It’s also worth learning as much as you can about the company because it’ll tell you if it’s a good fit for your values as well as your career aspirations.”

Nick’s final tip? “Jump in, take the opportunity and apply!” 

Nick has had the opportunity to work across multiple sectors business units during his time in the Graduate Program

If you’re interested in exploring graduate opportunities with Ventia, visit our Graduate Careers page below. Applications for the 2025 program open 1 July 2024.