Ventia employee Tanna Brandis in a black and white portrait shot

Growing up in Geraldton, 415km north of Perth in Western Australia, Tanna Brandis was familiar with the water and all the safety considerations that go along with ensuring safe access for swimmers.

So when he moved to Perth to undertake his degree in economics and finance, applying for the lifeguard role at Leeuwin Barracks was a logical step. 

"I'd been a lifeguard previously, and I saw it as a great way to make some money whilst I completed my Bachelor of Commerce," Tanna says. "But when COVID kicked in in 2020 everything changed, and I needed to consider my employment options." 

Many roles across the Ventia Defence business

As a Top Five Prime to the Australian Defence Force, Ventia has around 2,500 roles across Australia, from lifeguards to asset managers, chefs, engineers and firefighters… just to name a few roles. 

Tanna says that with the changes brought about by COVID-19, there were a lot of opportunities to move into new roles within the Ventia Defence business.

"My boss at the time recommended me for a data entry role, which then led to a contract services coordinator role the following year," he explains. "Then I was referred to Fleur Barlow's product development team, where I was able to manage smaller projects."


Tanna standing with his back turned wearing a lifeguard uniform at an indoor pool

Tanna Brandis started out his Ventia career as a lifeguard at Leeuwin Barracks.


Creating solutions for the client

As Ventia prepares to bid on the next generation Defence Base Services contract with Security and Estate Group in Defence, Tanna is a key part of the team that are now looking at solutions for our client to really make a difference. 

"It's important for Primes like Ventia to look at ways we can develop stronger relationships with our client and with subcontractors, for example," Tanna says. "And collaboration is key."

We're looking at different ways to provide hospitality and catering services, and in all ways ensuring that we are helping create a culture of Defence life like Community life - where being on a base is just like being in the community.

Tanna says one of the steps the team has taken to develop solutions is undertaking workshops to capture the voice of the client. By bringing in subject matter experts to listen to, and interpret what is really needed, our team are then able to fashion solutions that really meet the client, and their customers', needs. 

Although he may have started out as a lifeguard, Tanna always enjoyed the decision-making process - why would you choose option A over B - that the study of economics encouraged. 

"I did think I might end up in local government, helping them make better decisions for communities," he says. "But I've really enjoyed the diversity of the roles I've had at Ventia so far and am looking forward to building my long term career here." 

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