Ventia employee William McNamara

As a young man with little work experience, Will McNamara started with Ventia's Rig & Well Services business (previously known as Easternwell) as a leasehand doing entry level rig labour work. Now, 15 years later, Will (known in the field as Macca) has built a great career and risen to his current position as operations manager - well servicing.

"I was 20 years old when I joined Easternwell. My position was entry level and very labour intensive, basically just helping with whatever needed to be done," Will said.

"I was doing a bit of everything, and it was the best way to learn.

"It was hard work and the shifts could be challenging, but I could see the progression path and career opportunities in front of me," he said.

That's what is great about this industry - if you're willing to put in the effort and work well with your team, you will quickly rise through the ranks, earning important experience along the way.

"In my time here I've had several roles, going from Leasehand to Derrickhand, Driller, Tour Pusher, Rig Manager, Field Superintendent, to where I am now as Operations Manager - all the while gaining valuable experience working alongside international oil and gas companies, dealing with interesting challenges and making lifelong friends," Will said.

"No two days are the same, it's ever-changing and easy to remain engaged.  

"I encourage anyone to pursue the industry. You'll have the opportunity to see places in our country that you may otherwise never see; the work varies day to day; and it affords you a lifestyle that I believe is unparalleled. The two-weeks-on two-weeks-off roster, if you are willing to embrace it, is also great," he said.

William McNamara with team members on site

Will pictured with members of his team on site.


Will's advice to those interested in a successful career in the oil and gas industry?

"I was always willing to go wherever or do whatever was needed when asked to help. That's what it boils down to I guess, realising that to be successful you need to be flexible, go where required and not be confined by what is in your 'job description'."

As for his own future, Will wants to continue to be part of progressing the company and handing on the skills and experience he has built here during his career. 

We are a service leader in the industry and as team we want to continue that success.

We couldn't agree more, Will. Thank you for your contribution and hard work.