At Ventia, we pride ourselves on being known for our talented and engaged people. We're passionate about attracting the brightest and best team with diversity of experiences and backgrounds that fuel innovation and creativity.

Charmaine Higgins has recently joined the Board of the Ventia Boral Amey Joint Venture for the Stewardship Maintenance Contract maintaining Sydney's south road network. This appointment reflects Charmaine's broad commercial acumen and strategic capability. She brings a strong focus on operational excellence built over many years in senior human resources roles across multiple industries. Charmaine is Ventia's People and Capability Manager for the Asset and Infrastructure Services Division. 

Simone Marino is excited by the challenge of supporting more than 330,000 vehicle journeys each day in her role as a Surveillance and Incident Management Officer on Melbourne's busy CityLink project. It's known as Australia's most heavily trafficked motorway.  

One of three women on Ventia's incident management team, Simone's enthusiasm for continuous learning is inspiring.  

"I've gained new skills I never thought I would obtain, but my ability to assist our client's customers in times of need is what's truly rewarding," said Simone. "I hope my presence out on the road will encourage other women to get more involved in this kind of work."

And when we look across the Tasman, we find a small and dedicated team in the pre-operations phase for our operations and maintenance of the Transmission Gully Motorway from 2020. The project supports a new state motorway running 27 km north of Wellington, New Zealand, where Ventia's team must tackle challenging mountainous terrain, sensitive watercourses, and active and dormant fault lines. It's an intricate project that needs a broad range of experiences and skills to successfully meet the challenge. 
Some inspiring women are leading the way including Lynne Morton, Project Operations and Maintenance Manager and Michelle Cousins, Asset Manager. The team is preparing for a dynamic operational period with a focus on planning and coordinating future operations with the Wellington Traffic Operations Centre. 

Building the team we have today has been about getting the right people for the job, and it's great that we have many women leading the way, Lynne explains.

We're bringing fresh thinking and experiences to Transport, and we look forward to continuing this journey into 2018 and beyond.  


Pictured above:

Bottom Row (left to right)
Liz Kelly, Lynne Morton, Michelle Cousins, 

Top Row (left to right)
Liz Badcock, Bob Barraclough, Aaron Adams