The South Australian gas team standing in a car park
Time flies when you're having fun - so says the South Australian gas team who are marking five years of successful contract delivery with leading Australian energy infrastructure business, APA Group (APA). 

APA is responsible for the provision of gas to South Australian homes and businesses. Since 2018 Ventia has been successfully delivering gas mains and services, and gas renewal projects throughout South Australia on behalf of APA, as part of a national gas infrastructure replacement scheme.

Five busy years

It has been a busy five years for the team, many of whom are also celebrating five years working with Ventia. Over the past five years, the team has: 

  • Delivered approximately 30,000 new service connections
  • Replaced approximately 160 kilometres of gas mains in Adelaide's CBD and northern suburbs
  • Grown from a team of 10 to a team of 30 
  • Dealt with daily challenges such as the high volume of new customer connections, service transfers and alterations, and 
  • Consistently delivered service excellence and high quality, safe outcomes for our client.


Team members from the gas team are celebrating 5 years with Ventia, in a Ventia office setting

Many from the team are also celebrating their five year anniversary with Ventia.


During this time Ventia has become one of the leading gas mains replacement specialists in South Australia.

Thoughts on the journey

We spoke to some of the team members about what has been important to them during the journey of the contract.

Finance and Business Support Officer, Amanda Kraljev said that her favourite part of the job has been getting to know the people she works with and how each role impacts the other. She emphasised that our approach to safety is not only our company mantra, but is also her personal mantra.

My father was killed in a workplace accident many years ago and missed a lot of my life milestones, so safety is front of my mind and all of our minds.  Everyone has the right to go home the way in which they came to work, and no-one wants to make 'that' call to a loved one.


Other team members also shared their thoughts on the contract and highlights over the years.

Scheduler, Jason Vassallo said he has enjoyed the challenges. 

'Keeping up with an ever-changing environment, adapting to changes in conditions and information required by the client,' he said.


Kylie with her 5-year anniversary pin from Ventia

Since 2018 Ventia has been successfully delivering gas mains and services, and gas renewal projects throughout South Australia on behalf of APA.


Other highlights

Supervisor, Jeff Wakefield highlighted the satisfaction of completing some major projects, such as the Adelaide CBD mains renewal along West Terrace, River Road at Noarlunga and Causeway Road, Semaphore just to name a few.

Supervisor, Rocky Codispoti also enjoyed finishing a project. 

'The joy in seeing a job complete for a new home that owners are about to move in to; the finalisation of a new estate that eventually sees housing, schools and communities move in to,' he said.

They all agreed that an overall highlight had been working with the team each day to redefine service excellence.    

We have worked on our systems to comply with our contract needs and improved efficiencies with everchanging parameters.  However, there are always things to improve on and learn from.


Congratulations team and thank you for everything you're doing in South Australia. We look forward to the next five years and beyond!