Over 3000 trees and shrubs were planted on a site next door to the Australian Botanic Gardens in Currans Hills, making a positive change to the environment.

It is critical to ensure projects and partnerships like this are long lasting, so employees from both Ventia and Transport for NSW came together to plant 400 trees and shrubs on the first day, while planting a further 2600 trees and shrubs on day two.

Contractors, executive directors and project coordinators all came together to offer a helping hand to this project.

We are the custodians of the land that we have, so it’s really important for us to make sure we do what’s right for that land- Matthew Wilson, Executive Director, Transport for NSW.

This site contained the seriously invasive weed, African Olive. Fortunately, Transport for NSW cleared the area of the weed as a favour for the Australian Botanic Gardens as they too were also clearing it.

Prior to the clearing of the invasive weed, Ventia reached out to Landcare in hopes they could assist in restoring the native bushland that was once there before the area was taken over by the weed.

Together, the teams from Ventia, Transport for NSW and Greater Sydney Landcare were able to provide different capabilities to restore the native bushland and plant the trees and shrubs that once surrounded the area.

It is great to see Transport NSW doing their bit to improve natural areas where they can, not out of obligation, but because they see the value in restoring Australia’s native bushland.

"Thank you also to Ventia for reaching out to Greater Sydney Landcare to encourage this partnership," says Danielle Packer, Creating Canopies Project Manager.

Due to continuous development in the areas, tree canopy, which is crucial in providing habitat for wildlife as well as shade and shelter, is being damaged. The project is a great initiative for anyone who is interested in planting trees and wanting to make a positive influence on the community.

Program Director SRAPC at Ventia, Yasnna Bloom, believes that it is important to do what we feel is necessary for the local community and the legacy of the environment if we want to maintain long lasting outcomes. 

Ventia is always looking for opportunities where they can make a positive difference to society. Planting these trees will have many positive consequences that will benefit the local communities and will also allow them to become more involved in creating positive impacts to our environment.

“Together we can do more and bring those positive impacts to the environment.”