Team member Aaron Hu pictured in hardhat and high-vis attire on work site

Project Manager Aaron Hu has a front row seat to the rapid changes in technology happening across the telecommunications sector.

Working in the telecommunications industry has provided Aaron Hu with a front row seat to the rapidly changing environment in how we use technology in our everyday lives.

"I really enjoy being able to witness first-hand how much telecommunications is changing the world and the evolution of mobile devices and data consumption," Aaron said.

Prior to joining Visionstream, Aaron worked with General Motors Holden having studied mechanical and aerospace engineering, but he has thoroughly enjoyed the move into telecommunications.

In his time with Visionstream, Aaron has worked across a number of projects, including the nbn. He is now the national project manager across one of our major wireless contracts. 

"In the 10 years I have been with Visionstream, I have worked on projects within exchanges, then moving onto access and associated services before relocating to Hobart, Tasmania to help deliver NBN's first major roll out in Australia. In 2015 I returned to Melbourne to work in the wireless team," he said.

Across all of these projects, Aaron said it is the great people that he has met that has been the highlight.

The teams that I work with have been my favourite part. 

Aaron said that working in the telecommunications industry has not been without its challenges, but these have also presented the best learning opportunities.

"A wise man once told me that being on a complex project is the best thing that can happen to someone as they learn the most from it, and this was definitely the case for me," he said.

I would definitely recommend a career in this industry, it's not for the faint hearted but it's also very rewarding.