Taren Point Public School noise wall in the making
The new noisewall as it was being painted by artist, Hayley Mischief Lord

The opportunity to create a piece of roadside art doesn't come along every day for our Vential Boral Amey (VBA) team under the NSW Government's Stewardship Management Contract (SMC) in Sydney's South. 

Thanks to artist Hayley Mischief Lord, the new Taren Point Public School noise wall which comes complete with a colourful mural, has had a positive impact on the local community.

School Principal Trent Bridgland said the school community is thrilled with the result.

"Even before it was built, the staff thought an artwork would help everyone adjust to the new wall, and the best option would be something bright and vibrant," Mr Bridgland said.  "Across six panels, there's now a glorious mix of birds and flowers which not only complements the trees and grass of the playground, but also stands out. The students and parents love it - we are so thankful to the artist and everyone involved."

The SMC team installed the noise wall and also installed CCTV to monitor it.The artwork was commissioned by Taren Point Public School to reduce the likelihood of it attracting graffiti, and to give students and the wider school community something to enjoy looking at. 

The artist, Hayley Mischief Lord, said the artwork was gradually spray painted on, followed by some detailing work and adding UV-resistant acrylic paint.

"I've been doing art in schools to produce murals and thought this was a wonderful opportunity to bring the new noise wall to life," Ms Lord said.

"It's big, bright, bold, joyful and playful. We wanted to create a nice area for the kids to play in, inspired by birds, flowers and native flora and fauna.

"I love colour, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

Mr Bridgland added the wall itself has also been a success.

"The noise wall has also been really effective, and staff say it's not as difficult to get the kids' attention!" he said.

For more information about the artist, visit her website: www.bluethumb.com.au/hayley-mischief-lord

The artist as she was painting the Taren Point Public School noise wall
The artist as she put the finishing touches on the Taren Point Public School noise wall