Our VBA team

Since March 2014, VBA has maintained the roads of Sydney's south for our client Transport for NSW under the Stewardship Maintenance Contract.

Over seven years, our people have worked across 2,000 lane kilometres, 238 bridges, eight tunnels and 859 slopes to deliver safer roads for Sydney.

Program Director, James Bennett said, "When I look back on my time at VBA, two words come to mind: pride and gratitude. Pride for the great work the team completed to deliver safer roads for Sydney, and gratitude for the hard work and dedication each team member contributed to achieve our amazing network outcomes and business performance.

To all employees of VBA, past and present, thank you. You have each contributed to our success, and we couldn't have done it without you.

As the contract comes to an end today, we share a huge thank you to the entire VBA team for their outstanding efforts, and for sharing their memories with us in the video below.

Building on the legacy of our performance on the Stewardship Maintenance Contract, Ventia will continue to provide safe, smart and sustainable transport-related essential services to NSW for the Parkland zone under the Sydney Roads Asset Performance Contract from 1 July.