Two tankers with Ventia employees

Bitumen runs in the family for our Road crews in far north New Zealand who recently took delivery of a new 33,000 litre bulk tanker. 

Justine Kitzen - Sealing Manager and Jamie Kitzen - Maintenance Contract Manager, recently took delivery of the new equipment. 

"We are looking forward to seeing the tanker and sprayer in action and the positive impact it will have on our surfacing season and for our client," says Justine.

When working in remote regions such as the Far North District, working away from supply presents certain logistical and efficiency challenges explains David Collins Contract Manager. 

"During the resealing season, extra planning must go into making sure that you have enough bitumen to minimise the amount of travel for the teams." 

This new plant is a complete game changer for Ventia and the resurfacing providers in Roading New Zealand.

'Our paving crews can now self-deliver all reseals starting in the Far North and potentially moving to our other Ventia branches across the North Island,' says David 

The new plant will provide increased capabilities for Ventia and enable our internal paving crews to deliver the resealing season in the Far North of New Zealand.

The 33,000 litre tanker will work in conjunction with a new bitumen sprayer and ensure increased productivity and consecutive spraying days can be achieved, without the need to refill or travel and transport more bitumen from the supplier.

This new combination allows crews to spray between 25,000-30,000 litres per day with the consistency required for large road rehabilitation or projects that require consecutive spraying days. In addition, the tanker has an added safety feature with an overhead gantry allowing access and a safer way to discharge bitumen into the bitumen sprayer.

The bulk tanker allows Ventia to provide outstanding performance outcomes for our clients whilst also reducing deliveries -  driving down our carbon footprint to meet our sustainability goals.

Tanker and spayer