Middleton Group engineer, Suva Srichandan undertaking earth system safety testing on a Defence base.

Ventia is extremely proud to have partnered with the Australian Defence Force for more than 30 years - a partnership that now sees us as one of the largest providers of Defence estate maintenance and support services in Australia.

Our procurement and sourcing activities are committed to engaging small and medium enterprises to provide access to Defence opportunities and to deliver capability and innovation through development of Australian enterprises.

We recently collaborated with Melbourne-based engineering consultancy, Middleton Group to test the safety of high voltage electrical systems and conduct earthing system performance testing on 24 Australian Defence Force sites across four states - Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

According to Middleton Group's Principal Earthing Consultant, Scott Mitcherson, the outcomes of this project are mutually beneficial.

The important electrical work we're doing significantly reduces safety risks at Defence sites across Australia and for us as a small, specialist business, contracts like this are incredibly valuable.

"It means we can reinvest in our people and our business, and attract candidates interested in working with large organisations like Defence," Scott said.

Building capabilities

"Specifically, the electrical safety program we are undertaking has provided our young engineers with a unique opportunity to build their capabilities in the field and visit diverse and interesting sites across Australia. The experience they are gaining is second to none. They get to see the whole process - from tendering to testing, design solutions, right through to validation, they are involved in it all - all while working on Defence sites that most people never get to experience," he said.

"We applaud Ventia for backing Australian small and medium enterprises like us to support the strengthening of Australia's Defence capability. It's a win-win," Scott said. 

Middleton Group engineer, Suva Srichandan undertaking earth system safety testing on a Defence base.

Middleton Group engineer, Suva Srichandan undertaking earth system safety testing on a Defence base.


Ventia's National Asset Manager, Lincoln Turner, who manages this project says not only is Middleton Group a highly capable and professional service provider, but they also share values with Ventia and Defence, which is very important to all parties.

With a passion for safety, service excellence, and a strong commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative solutions for its clients, Middleton Group's values align strongly with Ventia and Defence.

"Safety is key - it is absolutely paramount for all three organisations, and that is critical to us," Lincoln said.

"Close collaboration and support from all parties throughout this project means optimal outcomes have been and are continuing to be achieved," Lincoln said.

The collaboration with Middleton Group is the outcome of a focused effort for Ventia to grow our small, medium enterprise (SME) numbers and engagement across the business. 

Supporting SME's across Australia to grow to greater levels of revenue, employment opportunities, investment and sustainability will in turn help support Australia's future Defence industrial capability. 

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