Rig and Well Services has commenced drilling operations for CO2CRC's Otway Stage 3 Project in south-western Victoria.

The contract involves the drilling of four wells using Rig and Well Services Drilling Rig 103. The 800-horsepower rig has a mast capacity of 180,000 pounds and is capable of drilling production and coring wells to depths of 2,400 metres.

Rig and Well Services General Manager, Kyle Koziol said: "We are pleased to support CO2CRC's innovative and world-leading project by drilling wells for carbon capture and storage."

Our team is excited to play their part in making this project a success and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Otway research facility is Australia's first demonstration of the deep geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2), the most common greenhouse gas. The Stage 3 project will demonstrate the practical implementation of innovative solutions for monitoring carbon dioxide that provide operators with alternatives to conventional monitoring techniques, enabling on-demand monitoring faster, at a substantially lower cost and with minimal impact to the community and the environment.

For more information: Otway research facility