Ventia provides operations and maintenance services to oil and gas clients, which includes a vast knowledge in maintaining fuel facilities. At the same time, Ventia provides mechanical and electrical maintenance, facilities maintenance and fire emergency services to Defence bases across Australia.

The maintenance of fuel facilities at Defence bases was previously a task subcontracted to different providers at each site.

Ventia's fuel maintenance solution benefits Defence by providing a more efficient, and cost effective service that also focuses on a disciplined execution of quality service under a national model.

The solution is now in successful operation in Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania on 43 Defence sites.

Chief Executive, Resources, Tom Quinn is excited to see the first results: "We went live with the project in early August and the results are already very promising. We recruited 23 new employees to run the model, and their high standard of work is providing significant value-add to our client."

Chief Executive, Government Services and Outsourcing, Derek Osborn is happy to provide a unique solution to our long-term Defence client: "Making full use of our cross-sector knowledge puts us in an advantageous position to provide innovative and effective solutions, simplifying and homogenising procedures with best practice while saving time and money."

This cross-sector collaboration between our work with the Department of Defence and our Resources sector has added value for our client while lifting the standards applied to these critical fuel assets. This initiative will gradually be scaled up as we lift to meet the full demand of our client and the rejuvenation of the fuel installations nationally.