The workshop

Our team of engineering and trade specialists have been busy working on several innovative solutions for our customers at our specialised workshop in Withcott, Queensland.

As a provider of end-to-end engineering and manufacturing solutions, our team supports both internal and external customer including our Rig & Well Services business.

From the refurbishment and improvement of drilling and well servicing rigs, to finding new R&D solutions for existing equipment - innovation is at the heart of our team's purpose.

Innovating for a net zero future

In support of our sustainability goals, the team are focused on ways to reduce emissions, through better utilisation of existing energy assets. 

These innovations inherently reduce rig up times providing better uptime for our customers. A recent project, a crown mounted LED lighting system, eliminates the need for diesel powered lighting plants on site by utilising existing power generation on the rig.

To further reduce emissions produced by our rigs, our team have been working with local suppliers to develop alternate fuel systems and condition monitoring systems to allow for remote monitoring of emissions and maintenance.

Our team is not just focused on reducing emissions but are also driven to be environmentally responsible when producing innovative solutions.


A truck setting up a rig at night time

The team's innovations inherently reduce rig up times and provide better uptime for our customers.


Recently focusing on the use of water in the workshop, whilst installing the wash bay our team researched multiple solutions to source a full recycling unit to reduce water usage and eliminating trade water waste when cleaning equipment.

Ventia's General Manager for Rig & Well Services, Kyle Koziol believes Ventia provides a competitive edge offering internal and external customers a single dedicated point of contact for their customised project requirements.

Our people strive to be at the leading edge of innovation, and we are already focusing our resources on our next projects, which include the development of our next generation rig designs and developing semi-autonomous controls for rig up and rig down activities.

'These innovations will drive significant safety, environmental and productivity improvements for in-field operations.'

Top image: Installing a wash bay in a workshop, our team found a way to source a full recycling unit to reduce water usage and eliminate trade water waste when cleaning equipment.