For Ventia, sustainability goes beyond reducing our environmental footprint. It is about creating a positive impact for future generations and a lasting legacy for people, communities and our planet.

2021 sustainability highlights

2021 has been a significant year for Ventia for many reasons, including our listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and New Zealand’s exchange, the NZX. In terms of sustainability, we launched our Sustainability Strategy and our approach to creating a positive impact across environment, social and governance aspects. This year we have made substantive progress towards our sustainability goals and celebrated many achievements, while we also set the crucial foundations to support, propel and measure our sustainability progress in years to come.

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Measuring our success

Our Sustainability Strategy is to create a healthier planet, be people and community focused and accountable for everything we do. We have set our objectives and are working towards clear targets to achieve our goals over time, measuring our success along the way, to create a lasting legacy for people and our planet.

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This Sustainability Report has been prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. View the GRI content index at:

View a table of Ventia’s material issues and United Nations’ SDG alignment at: