Using IoT sensor based, real time condition monitoring and control service, we are shifting from reactive to preventative asset maintenance.

Companies are under increasing pressure to get the most value out of their assets and to better detect any risk of failure to critical equipment..

Using IoT sensor-based condition monitoring and control service, we can monitor various asset conditions in real time.

Potential failures trigger alerts at the onset of the issues so that our technicians can proactively address and resolve problems before they become serious.

With this solution, asset owners have increased visibility of the performance of their assets and can better optimise their maintenance.


  • Increase field worker safety, productivity and mobility
  • Decrease manual labor and asset down time resulting in cost reduction
  • Ensure performance of critical assets even in tough environments
  • Improve processes and long-term planning from real-time monitoring and insights
  • Enhance collaboration between field workers, supervisors and clients

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