At Ventia we are committed to ensuring safe driving and vehicle safety to protect our people, our communities and all those who use our road networks.

Each year, thousands of people are seriously injured or lose their lives because of unsafe driving behaviours. The devastating impact to families, friends and communities is never forgotten. 

During National Road Safety Week from 14-21 May across Australia and New Zealand, we raise awareness of the negative impact of road trauma and share ways to reduce it. At the end of each day - we want every person to get home safely. 

Hear from some of our team about the importance of Road Safety week and safe driving all year round.

All roads lead to home

We ask all road users to think about how they can actively protect, not just themselves and their passengers, but all those who are vulnerable on the road.

Hear from Kenneth Garcia, Network Engineer for Operations and Services in Victoria as he shares the sobering story of an incident he had due to a microsleep behind the wheel.

An important reminder to not risk driving when you are fatigued. 

Take the pledge

Pledge to drive so others survive and make a difference to road safety.