Ventia is again partnering with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) on an industry campaign focused on increasing safety awareness when working on or around mobile plant.

Last year, the collaboration delivered What’s Up?, a work at height campaign that focused on scaffold safety.

Mobile plant includes machinery, equipment, or vehicles used to conduct construction activities such as excavating, lifting, digging, grading, loading or unloading.

One of the most common causes of incidents with mobile plant is when workers or members of the public approach the equipment while it is in operation.

Please use and share the free resources below including 360° Blindspot Awareness Safety Training modules, Toolbox talks, safety posters, social media tiles, and Teams backgrounds.

We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves and each other safe.

360° Blindspot Safety Training

Welcome to our 360° Blindspot Awareness Safety Training.

In this series of 5-minute trainings, you get to see what it’s like to be a licenced mobile plant operator and see what they see from their driver’s seat, in 360°.

In addition to blindspots, you will also learn about mobile plant safety considerations. Choose from: Roller, Articulated dump truck (Moxy), Skidsteer, Large and Small Excavators.

Please share this training so that together we can ensure a secure working environment for yourself and those around you. 

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Do you want to integrate any of the 360° Blindspot Safety Training modules for use in your organisation? Contact our team here to request a copy

Plant pre-start inspections occur once the plant has been introduced to the site and provide an opportunity to check for any indicators that the plant may not operate safely before it is put into use for the day.​

The pre-start inspection should involve checks in the following sequence:​

  • Before the plant is turned on
  • Once the plant is turned on
  • Initial operation of the plant

Click here to download the pre-start check resource

Each toolbox talk has been designed to be easily adapted to your meetings, training programs and the time you have available.

All Heavy Metal resources are provided free as part of our ongoing commitment to safety.

These downloadable posters can be used with other campaign materials to promote your mobile plant safety messages.

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Elevate your safety awareness with a Heavy Metal ringtone

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Social media tiles

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Teams backgrounds

Show your support for Heavy Metal mobile plant safety with this selection of Teams backgrounds in the resources tab below.

Incorporate safety awareness into every call.

Whether you're discussing projects or connecting with colleagues, these backgrounds help us prioritise safety every day.