As one of the largest essential infrastructure service providers in Australia and New Zealand, Ventia is uniquely positioned to work with companies across a broad range of industry segments to help tackle complex energy transition challenges.

Ventia has been a trusted partner to some of the largest energy providers and users in Australia and New Zealand for over 60 years. We offer a wide range of services aimed at driving operating efficiencies, ensuring safety and reliability, and assuring the ongoing value of energy assets.

Today, our focus is on providing end-to-end solutions to a changing energy industry landscape, through innovation and leadership in energy stability and security, renewable energy, behind-the-meter solutions, and virtual power plants.

Each day we partner with our clients who consume 15% of Australia’s electricity, across high voltage energy networks, transmission substations, industrial facilities, natural gas developments, carbon capture use and storage, mine site closures and remediation and environmental rehabilitation projects.

Each day we partner with our clients who consume 15% of Australia’s electricity.

Our work is laser-focused on minimising downtime and optimising operational efficiencies for our clients and their customers. We understand the critical importance of generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure, and are helping to build a strong energy future by applying its knowledge, technical capability, and smart asset management methodologies to support reliable and predictable generation, transmission, and distribution networks to support communities.

We design innovative service models that cover well servicing, maintenance, shutdowns, facilities management, accommodation, and brownfield project services. These services support the front-end design, engineering, commissioning, operations, and maintenance phases of upstream (on and offshore), midstream, and downstream facilities.

We are ready to run - are you?