Reinforcing our broad-based focus on sustainability, Ventia innovatively supports clients to reach their energy objectives using the latest technologies.

Whether the goal is to reduce usage, constrain costs, enhance energy security, or achieve decarbonisation targets, we partner with clients the whole way. 

We offer multi-disciplined packages – encompassing energy saving measures, access to green capital and behind-the-meter renewables generation and storage – that focus on innovation yet are practical, achievable, and measurable. 

Our seamless delivery model can be fully integrated into other Ventia services where we act as a single point of accountability. 

We adopt a whole-of-life approach and deliver at pace and scale to maximise resource efficiency.  

We are partnering with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest organisations on their energy journey – as our clients collectively use around 15 per cent of grid energy, the impact is significant. 

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